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Project Summary 2004

Note: DHEE only provides help in the form of needed items and never in the form of a financial contribution.


February 2004
Purchase was made by Krystyna Wieckowska

1.) Dom Dziecka, ul. Paczkowskiego 16, 62-200 Gniezno, Poland Tel: (061) 426-49-48
Received new refrigerator $300


March 2004
Purchase was made by Elzbieta Strapoc
2.) Dom Malego Dziecka, Walbrzych, Poland
Received diapers, baby oil, baby wash and other supplies for $300

3.) Dom Dziecka, Wroclaw, Poland
Received backpacks, books, school supplies for $300


April 2004
Purchases were made by Mrs. Agnieszka Gmys-Wiktor
4.) Street Children Rehabilitation Center “Momavlis Sakhli” 13 Tsurtsumia st. Tbilisi,

Georgia Tel: 77-02-23
Received shoes, clothes, socks, bedding and other supplies for $500.  


July 2004

Purchases were made by Mr. Marek Stawiarski

5.) Specjalny Osrodek Wychowawczy „Dom Dziecka dla Chlopcow,”
Bp. T. Kubiny 2/4, 42-200 Czestochowa, Poland Tel: (034) 342-70-08 
Received DVD player, photo camera, batteries and charger for $215
6.) Katolicki Osrodek Adopcyjno-Opjekunczy, Al. Jana Pawla II nr. 82,
42-200 Czestochowa, Poland, Tel: (034) 366-49-91
Received fax and telephone for $285


August 2004
Purchases were made by Malgorzata Sarata
Schronisko Sw. Brata Alberta Dla Kobiet i Matek z Dziecmi , ul. Strzegomska 9,  53-611

Wroclaw, Poland, Tel: (071) 355-44-66
Received clothing, telephone and fax machine for $300


Purchases were made by Armen and Rima Nazarian
8.) Gavar Orphanage, Ogostos 23, str. 106, Geghark region, Armenia, Tel: (0-64) 2-21-56 or 2-23-50
Received clothing and socks for $250

September 2004
Purchases were made by Jadwiga and Pawel Malek
9.) Dom Dziecka nr. 8, ul. Marszalka Pilsudskiego 22, 05-410 Jozefow-Michalin, Poland Tel: 789-14-68
Received freezer, microwave oven, electric kettle for $328

Purchases were made by Mrs. Zofia Boris
10.) Dom Dziecka nr. 2, ul. Chyszowska 3, 33-110 Tarnow, Poland Tel: (014) 622-29-95

Received personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies, food and vitamins for $1,000

Purchases made by Marta Niziolek
11.) Children’s Ward, Hospital of Allergy and Chronic Pulmonary Diseases,
ul. Polanki 119, 80-308 Gdansk, Poland Tel: (058) 552-06-85  

Received refrigerator and pillows for the children’s ward for $500

October 2004
Purchases were made by Larysa Doroshenko
12.) Children’s Home in Poltava, Pershtravnievy Prospect 26, 36-011 Poltava, Ukraine Tel: 7-48-41
Received stereo system, CD’s and chocolates for $200

November 2004    

Purchases made by Katarzyna Malec and Grace Geslowski
13.) Dom Dziecka w Woli Galezowskiej, 23-100 Bychawa Poland
Received winter clothes, shoes, socks, underwear, shorts, undershirts and pants for $500
14.) Dom Dziecka, ul. Osiedlowa 7, 22-437 Labunie Poland
Received winter shoes for $300

December 2004
A generous donation made by Kasia and Greg Kay of Chicago and coordinated by Grace Geslowski

15.) Dom Dziecka wola Galezowska, 23-100 Bychawa, Poland
Received English language classes for the year 2005 for $3,050
Also received English books to be used in the English class for $154 purchased by Grace Geslowski.

Purchases made by Kinga and Jamie Ferguson
16.) Dom Dziecka ul. Brzegi 55, Gdansk, Poland 

Received medicines and other first aid supplies for $266
17.) Dom Dziecka ul. Abrahama 56, Gdansk, Poland 

Received diapers, medicines and vitamins for $333


Purchases made by Teresa Gorecka-White
18.) Dom Dziecka, Ukarine

Received gifts of clothes and shoes for $500
Dom Dziecka number 1, Janusza Korczaka, ul. Brodzinskiego 14, 33-100 Tarnow, Poland
Received gifts of a VCR/DVD player and a digital camera for $500


Total aid in 2004: $10,081.00

Direct Help to Eastern Europe would like to thank all the generous donors and members

who volunteered their time and effort in order to reach children in need. From the bottom of the heart

THANK YOU and let us keep up the good work in 2005!