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Project Summary 2006

DHEE only provides help in the form of needed items or services and never in the form

of a financial contribution.


January 2006

Project sponsored by Kasia and Greg Kay and coordinated by Grace Geslowski,
Dom Dziecka, Wola Galezowska, 23-100 Bychawa, Poland
Children receive English language classes for the year 2006 for $2,000


February 2006

Project sponsored by Mr. Adam Roberts of The Ten Dollar Club,

Zatik Orphanage, Sarkavagi 145 B, Kanaker, Yerevan 375091 Armenia

Tel: (374-10) 28-3491; 28-3730
Over 130 children received tutoring from 9 teachers in necessary school subjects such as:

math, biology, English language, Russian language, Armenian language, physics and art

for a period of 5 months for $2,880.

May 2006

Purchases made by Ms. Lucyna Bak
Dom Dziecka Nr. 1, ul.
Swoboda 59, 60-389 Poznan, Poland Tel: 867-3561; 867-6221

Received 2 microwave ovens for $250.


June 2006

Purchases made by Mrs. Wladyslawa Figurniak
Dom Dziecka “Nasza Chata,” ul. Swobodna 12, 37-700 Przemysl, Poland

Tel: (016) 679-9296

Received slide and swing set and other supplies for the children’s play area for $250.


July 2006

Purchases made by Ms. Ewa Kloskowska
Dom Dziecka Nr. 4, ul.
Rakowiecka 21, 02-517, Warszawa, Poland Tel: (022) 849-4554

Received shampoos, soap, toothpaste and other items of personal hygiene for $250.


September 2006

Purchases were made by Mr and Mrs. Juri and Larisa Doroschenko
Childern’s Home, Piervshotravnevy Prospekt 26, 36011 Poltava, Ukraine 

Tel: 7-48-41 or 7-46-84

Received DVD players for the orphanage for $250.


November 2006

Purchases made by Mrs. Tatiana Soloduka
Children’s Home, M. Buchtisavaj Bulvar Mira 3, 98-400 Krim, Ukraine,

Tel: 8 (06554) 4-24-73
Received sports clothing and toys for $230


December 2006

Purchases made by Wojciech Waliszewski

Foster Home in Lipnica Wielka 412, 33-323 Poland Tel: 018-441-7291 Contact: Maria Glab
Received winter coats, sweats, winter shoes, undergarments for 9 children cost $575


Wielofunkcyjna Placowka Opiekunczo-Wychowawcza “Razem,” Foster Home

in Strzeszyn 370, 38-340 Biecz, Poland Tel: 013-447-1910 Contact: Maria Trzaskos
Received sweaters, slippers pants and underwear for 9 children cost $396.


Zgromadzenie Siostr Najswietrzej Rodziny z Nazaretu, ul. Srodmiejska 43,

62-800 Kalisz, Poland Tel: 062-767-3533 Contact: Sister Iwona (Bozena Baczmaniska)
Received educational supplies and washer for $430


Foster Home Nr. 1 in Nowy Sacz, ul . Tarnowska 107, 33-300 Nowy Sacz, Poland

Tel: 018-441-6084 Contact: Wieslaw Buchcic

Received 4 winter coats, 2 pairs of shoes, school supplies and 6 bed side lamps for $340


Foster Home nr 4 in Zywiec, ul . Grobla 4B, 34-330 Zywiec, Poland Tel: 033-861-8442

Contact: Beata Gajzler
Received 7 winter coats, 6 pairs of shoes, hats, scarves and gloves for $440


Katolicka Placowka Wychowawcza “Nasz Dom,” Mochnaczka Nizna 29, 33-383
Tylicz Poland, Tel: 018/4761795

Received shoes, coats for $350.

Foster Home, ul . Na Banie 8, 34-700 Rabka Zdroj, Poland Tel: 018-267-6716

Contact: Cecylja Stefankowicz
Received 6 reading lamps, jackets, jeans and 27 undergarments for $308.


Foster Home „Poranek,” ul. Kasprowicza 28, 34-700 Rabka Zdroj, Poland

Tel: 018-267-9330
Received winter shoes and pajamas for $334.


Foster Home nr. 2, ul. Zyndarma 17, 33-300 Nowy Sacz, Poland, Tel: 018-4420419
Received 10 pairs of shoes, socks and shirts for $347 and English language classes
from September 2006-January 2007 for $265.

Zespol Placowek Opiekunczo-Wychowawczych w Rytrze, 33-343 Rytro 168, Poland, Tel: 018-4469003
Received English classes from September 2006- January 2007 for $265.



Total aid in 2006 was: $10,085

Direct Help to Eastern Europe would like to thank all the generous donors and members

who volunteered their time and effort in order to reach children in need. From the bottom

of the heart THANK YOU and let us keep up the good work in 2007!